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This is an image of Alessandra, the creator of Feasting on Italy, in Venice, Italy.

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Piacere! "pleased to meet you"

I'm Alessandra. In November 2021, a worldwide pandemic had completely shaken up the path my life was on and I took that as a sign to make a drastic change. Along with my two cousins, who were also in a similar state of life limbo, we decided to move to a small town in the Veneto region of Italy. It didn’t take us long to visit all the local museums, drown ourselves in espresso, and try every pizzeria. Winter quickly fell upon us and in a region known for its dense, icy fog, we felt less compelled to journey out and explore the cold streets. So I decided to turn to my love of cooking and see what the local supermarket had to offer. What I found truly was a feast for the eyes! . Learn More...


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